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Medec Caelus Anesthesia Unit

Caelus is Medec’s culmination of 40 years of research and development in the field of anaesthesia ventilators. The Bag-in-Bottle ventilator can handle a wide range of patient categories: neonates (approx. 1 kg), infants and adults (incl. bariatric patients).

Caelus is designed with the focus on patient safety, reliability and cost efficiency. It comprises some unique safety systems (e.g. VoluProtect® and BaroProtect®), it’s a durable piece of equipment (high-grade materials) and reduces the cost of ownership to a strict minimum (e.g. free software updates).

The ergonomically designed trolley with plenty of working space and storage room enhances your comfort, while an 18.5” capacitive touchscreen shows all crucial information at a single glance.

Medec Puretouch® allows you to swipe from one waveform to another in a fluent motion and to browse through settings effortlessly with an unprecedented simplicity and visual acuity. Thanks to the smooth and responsive
graphics, changing parameters was never easier. The 18,5 inch full-colour touchscreen controls the gas mixer (RotaSphere®) and displays all ventilation parameters. The user interface can be easily configured, without the need to use any rotary knob. All changes are effected directly on the display by the touch of a finger. (Medical mouse connection for screen control also available)

The ergonomic design offers an ideal balance between working surface and footprint. Caelus is a compact anaesthesia ventilator with a surprisingly large working surface. You can accommodate numerous documents or keep all necessary equipment at close hand during the entire procedure. The working surface can be illuminated to allow full document-visibility, even in darkened operating theatres. A tactile APL valve is neatly integrated into the working surface on the patient side. Other mechanical controls are easily accessible in the same vicinity.

VoluProtect® reduces the risk of ventilator-induced lung injury during manual or spontaneous ventilation. Clinical research has shown that sustained lung pressure at a critically high level can cause irreversible damage to lung tissue. VoluProtect® is designed to prevent this and to improve patient outcome. It effectively prevents volutrauma by reducing the lung pressure automatically in case of an inadvertently closed APL valve.

BaroProtect® reduces the risk of ventilator-induced lung injury during volume-controlled ventilation. It effectively prevents barotrauma by limiting unexpected pressure spikes (e.g. due to changing lung compliance). At the same time, a full breathing cycle is completed without any risk of barotrauma. BaroProtect® assesses each individual patient’s respiratory functionality to determine the pressure level at which it is activated automatically.

For decades anaesthesiologists used to work with the classic rotameter tubes. Since new technologies create new possibilities Medec has launched a new approach called RotaSphere®. Fresh gas flow settings are displayed in the form of a sphere. This allows immediate visibility of the carrier gas, set flows and O2 concentration, even from a distance. Simply tap the sphere to adjust the settings in a fluent motion. If you prefer a more conservative approach, the classic rotameter tubes are still available.

There is increasing preclinical evidence that mimicking the physiological variability in tidal volume is a new method to facilitate lung recruitment and reduce the risk of ventilator-induced lung injury. That is why in Medec’s volume control the tidal volume can be set with a degree of variability of 75 – 200 percent. These random breath-to-breath variations in tidal volume allow you to mimic spontaneous breathing during mechanical ventilation.


The qCON-qNOX module (option) allows you to measure the depth of anaesthesia and the level of nociception (response to pain stimulus). qCON monitors consciousness (EEG and EMG) and allows you to tailor the hypnotics to each individual patient, providing improved patient outcome and reduced costs. qNOX monitors nociception during general anaesthesia. When using both consciousness and nociception monitoring, hypnotics and analgesics can be dosed more accurately, reducing PONV and length of stay in post-operative care units.

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