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CWS4000 Patient Warmer & Blanket

  • The Cocoon Convective Warming Machine, CWS 4000, is a mains powered, microprocessor-controlled device.  It delivers a continuous flow of temperature-controlled air through a flexible hose to the warming blanket. The CWS 4000 is lightweight, compact and easy to use. Features include microprocessor controlled, digital temperature sensor system, automatic step-down from 46°C to 43°C after 10 minutes, built in safety monitoring system and a filter status indicator. Other features include washable plastic hose cover and multiple mounting options including cart, stand, IV pole, floor or bed rail - retractable bed hooks for convenience.
  • Dual thermostats, self-resetting at 53 degrees
  • Heating element has a thermal safety switch and thermal fuse
  • Air intake through side vents
  • HEPA filter rated at 0.2 micron efficiency
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Protective hose cover
  • Self monitoring life and progress filter status
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Purpose built testing port using HyperTerminal program
  • Retractable bed hook brackets
  • IV pole or stand/trolley mount
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