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Aeonmed 8300A Anesthesia Unit

  • PCV, SIMV and PS modes provide for a flexible ventilation,
  • suitable for both pediatric and adult patients
  • Monitoring of O2, CO2 and anaesthetics (optional)
  • Ratio-system guarantees a minimum of 25%
  • oxygen concentration in an O2 / N2O gas mixture
  • Autoclavable CO2 absorber circuit
  • Enhanced features: auxiliary oxygen outlet,
  • suction device, auxiliary mains socket, monitor arm,
  • holder for infusion pumps
  • CE certified, meets European clinical requirements
  • Carbon Dioxide Absorbent Canister: 2 Loose fill(3L) or 2 prepacks
  • APL Range: Spontaneous breathing (SP) -70 cmH2O
  • Material: Autoclavable (except flow sensors, O2 fell cell and mechanical pressure meter)
  • heating system (Option)
  • Operational Modes: Closed, Semi-closed, Semi-open
  • Ventilation Modes: IPPV, PCV, SIMV, PS, and Manual
  • Setting Modes: Touch key & navigator wheel knob
  • Tidal Volume: 20-1500ml
  • Ventilation Frequency: 4-100bpm
  • I:E Ratio: 4:1-1:8
  • Pressure (inspired) Range: 5-70cmH2O
  • Pressure (support) Range: 3- 50cmH2O
  • Ppeep: off,3-30 cmH2O
  • Tslope: 0-2s
  • Inspiratory Plateau: off, 5%-60%Ti
  • Trigger Sensitivity: 1-15L/min
  • Peak Gas Flow: 75 L/min
  • Compensation: Compliance compensation, fresh gas compensation
  • Driven Modes: Pneumatically driven and electronically control
  • Pressure: Paw, Peak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP
  • Volumes: MV, Vt
  • Gas: O2 Concentration, CO2 Concentration, Anaesthesia Agent Concentration
  • Graph Display: P-T, F-T&P-V,F-V loops(can be saved), Wave of CO2
  • Display: 10.4” TFT color screen
  • Continuous High Pressure
  • Volumes: High Minute Volume/Low Minute Volume
  • Gas: High FiO2/Low FiO2
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